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                  CUSTOM CARDS  

Custom cards

Are you trying to tell your lover something but find it hard to express how sexy they are? Let Wickedly Noir create a custom greeting card for you. We can describe how aroused your lover makes you, what you plan on doing to your lover tonight, or describe any type of fetish, desire or lust that fills your passionate mind.

Please note that these custom cards are are hand crafted for each individual and so  current demand will determine our availability and time to satisfy your desires. If you are interested, e-mail CustomCards@WickedlyNoir.com for availability.

How custom cards work

E-mail our custom card department with a general idea of what you want to say and we will provide you a time frame to convert you erotic thoughts into words. We will then craft the images and words from your advice. You can include your own photos (you must be the owner of photos, no copyrighted or third party photos) or you can opt for any of the designs we currently have.

Once the process starts, we will be contacting you periodically during the creation of the greeting card for your input and you will have the final say on if the greeting card does your erotic vision justice. Please note the current wait time between first contact and the end construction of the greeting card is one week, but this can be longer depending on demand so plan your sinful nights accordingly.  

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