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Artist Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in becoming a photographer, writer or model with Wickedly Noir. We are proud to produce products that highlight the erotic minds of independent artists. We look to build and maintain strong relationships with our contributors and welcome submissions throughout the year. But please be patient in our response time. Good passion takes time to build.

What We Look For

We look for the finest of erotic materials. We do not look for porn. Please review the cards we have to get an idea of what we need.

We look for quality photographs or artwork. These can be stylized and photoshopped images or rough photographs for us to manipulate to reach the highest erotic potential. We also search for quality writers that can stimulate the mind into stimulating other parts.

What Do You Need Before Submitting

First off, you need to be the owner of the material. Do not photoshop someone else's work and call it yours. Secondly, all models must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Finally, any photographs with models must have a model release form. We will ask for the model release if your work is accepted. For a copy of a model release form, please click here. (Model Release)

How To Submit

All tops and bottoms know submission has rules.

Electronic Submission:

E-mail our submissions department at Submissions@WickedlyNoir.com. Attach your images as a PDF, JPEG or other common file. Please condense the files before submitting. We will ask for the larger, higher quality image if we accept your artwork. WE WILL NOT OPEN ANY ZIPPED FILES OR ANY OTHER COMPRESSION FILES. Make sure you include all relevant contact information so we can reach you.

Links To External Portfolio Pages:

E-mail our submissions department at Submissions@WickedlyNoir.com with a link to a web page that holds your portfolio. Please make sure to include in your e-mail any relevant contact information we might need to reach you. Also make sure that the images in your portfolio are available for use. We cannot look at a portfolio page that contains dozens of pictures, but you are only able to sell a couple of specific photos. We will not visit any web sites or links that will not pass security checks or may be blocked.  

How Wickedly Noir Pays

We have two methods of acceptance. The first is a one time payment of $100 for all rights to the images and $50 for all rights to text. The second is a flat royalty of 5% of sales from the images or the text. We will notify which method we would prefer and you can accept it or reject it. We will not use any images or text without your approval.

Copyright 2011

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