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About Us

Mr. Noir had what one would considered a typical life until one fateful night when he found himself lost. After many blissful years, he could not find the words to express just how aroused his wife and lover made him. He searched the dark streets of Chicago and became wrapped in a mass produced world of overly emotional verse, childlike icons, and campy nudity.

Failing to find the right words, there was only one thing to do; create his own greeting cards. The type of greeting cards that adults would send to express the erotic feelings, the sinful thoughts, and the sensual fantasies they have for their lovers. And most importantly, for Mr. Noir to explain to his true lover exactly how he feels.

Critic Commentary

Wickedly Noir greeting cards, formed in 2011, is a breakthrough in greeting cards. The production of each card is exceptional. Printed with an 8 color printing process allows the cards to explode with color and feeling. All sensual images are hand selected and mixed to convey the intent of the sender and are printed on both the front coated and gloss cover as well as the inside of the card. The words are crafted to convey those feelings that are felt but rarely expressed in such a way.

A masterpiece of images and words, it is this critics opinion that all lovers should explore the erotic world Mr. Noir has created in these cards. 

E-Mail:  Orders@WickedlyNoir.com
Phone: 312-880-7553

Copyright 2011

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